Side of
Kansas City!

Admitted proudly as a FREE STATE to the Union in 1861, Kansas is our home and our history. Our designs tell a story about growing up with grass stains on gravel roads in the Kansas side of Kansas City. We represent a generation without cable TV, mobile phones or the internet. In fact we played outside from dawn-to-dusk and sometimes later depending on just how far from home you actually “explored”. So feel free to explore our site and find the perfect Midwest story to take home, wear proudly, and tell your friends and family about!


Please Say Hello!

You are our neighbors and our friends. Your voice represents the history of our county and we would love to hear from you! Send us an email and share your story with us!


Let's Work TOGETHER!

Does your school have spirit? Does your team, club, small group or even your fellow classmates need custom gear designed with some KINFOLK family love? We are here and ready to help! We want to work with you, your business and your school! Call or email to get started.

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